Crusher Plant Manufacturing: Engineering new opportunities

Taurian has ventured into heavy engineering, a result of the company’s efforts in the backward integration of the mining arm of the group.

Taurian Engineering Pvt. Ltd., has become one of the premium heavy engineering and plant manufacturing facilities in the country. What started off as a small effort in becoming self-sufficient has grown phenomenally and become a company with great potential.

The company has set up a new Crushing Plant Manufacturing Facility at Roorkee in Uttaranchal, measuring at a massive 80,000 Sq. Ft. The plant has all the possible amenities and technology and is fully equipped to manufacture state-of-the-art crushing plants to aid cost-effective Iron Ore crushing. The plant is well supported by CNC machines, torch centers and plasma cutting machines.

The staff at this plant is highly skilled and equipped to tackle any of the complex tasks associated with this industry. The design engineers using 3D AutoCAD supported by a state of the art ERP systems, ensuring competent order entry.

Taurian Engineering Pvt. Ltd is set to take on new tasks to build and deliver the finest in heavy engineering products and services.

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