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Environment Friendly Mining

Our greatest art is carrying out Environment friendly mining. India has a very Matured Forest Law even to the extent of inhibiting developmental projects. To undertake mining activity one has to have a strong conscience of Ecology.

Soil Conservation: To start with the entire area will be first contour mapped with heights clearly showing the rise and fall of the mountain. Mineral deposit Area will be identified through careful geological studies. The samples drawn will be tested to ascertain the grade of Ore at different area. The Mining plan will be prepared which will ensure that maximum Mineral can be produced with average grade with minimum Earth cutting work.During Mining Earth has to be removed. This disturbs the ecology. This Over burden has to be dumped properly so that soil should not flow in nearby streams thereby disturbing the sedimentation level causing floods in upstream area and dry in downstream area.The area selected for dump must be in Non- mineralized zone as close to the Mineral zone as possible to minimize the cost of dumping.

Plantation: Mining involves cutting of trees in Mineralized zone. Production planning is done to ascertain the area, which will be mined phase wise to meet production targets. Instead of cutting the entire forest in Mines area only those tress are cut where clear area is needed for immediate production.Aforestation is done parallel in low lying areas where Overburden has been dumped to reclaim land for use. Care is taken to identify the species of tress and do tree count . Plantation with similar species or species where are needed for the nation are planted.Sometimes it is seen the nation has wealth but the masses are hungry specially in underdeveloped countries. Fruit trees can be planted in dump area which can be taken care by local villagers or association so that it not only provides employment for women also some food for them keeping them healthy too.

Pollution Control: During Mining there is massive movement of heavy dumpers, Blasting operation, Earth cutting work . All this contribute to Pollution. Water tankers are fitted with Water spray which are mobilized all through the mines and cargo movement area all through the day to do dust suppression.

Water conservation: Water level in Mining area is checked. Rainfall study is done to determine annual rainfall. The overburden is sometimes used as a wall to convert a low lying area into a pond. This helps in increasing the ground level of water. It provides fishing. It is also served as a recreational area besides beautification of village.

Land Reclaimation: We have in past in India, re claimed land which has been low lying and in one year time by filing it with overburden converted it into a beautiful football field. Today we host matches among villagers from nearby villages.

Herbal plants: India is famous for herbal medicines. Today in the world , the most successful herbal medicines are prepared by native villagers. The medical team along with the ecological team contributes in selecting species which can solve the regular diseases of the local people. For eg. Tulsi, An Indian leaf if taken a leaf a day can take care of all throat infection.This practice not only helps to keep local population healthy but also provides employment, self employment and can earn major foreign exchange with little support. These efforts helps to convert a rough dump yard into a beautiful foreign exchange earner garden.

Taurian is committed to developing the area into a premier mining site and also to help the people of Naomundi who are primarily tribal. At Taurian, itís just a small effort towards making a difference by reaching out to these people by providing jobs to more than 1000 people directly and 10,000 people indirectly besides improving their general standard of living. Taurian will supply drinking water facilities, run education, health & sanitation and non-conventional energy programmes in this area.

There are many more strategies which is planned after surveying the area assessing the mineral reserve, mine planning. Intense inter action with local villagers .