Railways: Ferrying the nationís future

Infrastructure is a major constraint in India and Taurian too was affected by these concerns. As the company has always done in the past, Taurian took it upon themselves to overcome the problem and created a whole new opportunity.

The delays due to poor infrastructure led to mounting freight costs and lower supply capacity. To overcome these hurdles, Taurian invested USD 7 Million to procure two trains to move their iron ore to the ports for export. This in turn will add approximately 700,000 MT per year to the export capacity.

Ffour more trains will be added to the fleet this year. Each train has 58 wagons but they have 61 wagon to railways, 3 extra for repair and maintanence.

Each wagon can carry 64 MT. Total tonnage is 37,00 MT each trip. It is a broad guage train with wheel diameter of 1000 mm. Against each train the Indian government commits to transport 37,000 MT or more per month to port.

Such developments are full of promise and offer new opportunities for the companyís growth.