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Taurian was set up in the year 1997 as a trader of finished leather and exporter of premium leather belts. The company shifted its focus in the year 2001 to Iron ore and hasnít looked back since. In 2003, the company re-christened itself as 'Taurian Iron and Steel Company Private Limited'.

Taurian Iron & steel Co. Pvt. Ltd. is now the flagship company of The Taurian Group and is one of the leading iron ore exporters from India in the private sector.

Taurian is already involved in major sectors like Iron & Steel and Heavy Engineering and plans to diversify into promising new businesses like Wind Energy. In an effort to become a completely self sufficient outfit, the company plans to setup a fully integrated steel plant and already has a facility to manufacture crushing and screening plants in the country. With so much to offer, itís not a surprise that a talent pool with an unparalleled business and technological acumen manages Taurian.

The group will always remain true to its philosophy and explore avenues to grow and establish itself in the forefront of its business in the years to come.