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Community development

Taurian finds that mining provides the opportunity to directly interact with the most backward people who have somehow been left out because of distance and communication problems. To do something as the company's social responsibility is the biggest satisfaction for us in our core business of mining.

Although there are many social issues to deal with . Considering limited resources of the company, We primarily like to focus on education ,medial and employment creation.

Drinking water: We have Water Tankers to spray water en-route the from entire mining area to our plant and to railway siding. We noticed that Houses in Villages are distant and there is no proper drinking water facility for these small clusters. The villagers use to take clothes upto ten kms everyday for shower and bring back water in buckets for cooking. We started deploying One tankers two times in a day to nearby villages where they provide water to upto 2000 Villages every day.

Village Roads: It is not possible for govt. in developing countries to develop each and every roads or specially village roads bcos there are many more pressing problems. Over burden is first dumped to fill pot holes and Road Grader and compactor is used to make it compact. It not only helps the local villagers but also reduces the cost of mining by reducing the breakdown of dumpers and increasing the trips per day for each vehicle.

Employment : Mining needs a lot of dumpers and heavy earth moving equipments. To operate and run all these equipments, we organised visit of the engineers from the company to give vocational training to local villagers who now operate our machines, crushers plant, dumpers. Some of the educated youth is taught repair and technical works for weekly maintenance. Villagers who had come bare feet to seek employment today walk in fancy clothes with goggles and operate these machines. Many small shops have open in nearby areas by local villagers to cater to small needs fo these villagers like cigartes, biscuits, tea stalls, clothes shop etc.. The mountain which used to be deserted is now full of life.

Self employment : the company also identifies villagers who have enterprenuerial skills. We have a fleet of 200 dumpers which have been given to local villagers to run ,pay and own scheme. The deal is simple. Since it is very cumbersome to take care of small problems in each and every dumpers by the company. We buy these dumpers and give them on easy installment to local villagers under the condition that they have to run these dumpers only for our mine work at market rates. They pay their installment in about two years time while making some money and after two years they own the trucks. Care is taken to identify those families who have more than four unemployed youth so that at least three dumpers may be given to that family. In case of break down on anyone truck the other run to contribute to meet the installment. This scheme helps the bankers too, because they are reluctant to finance local villagers. The trucks belong to company till installment is cleared and every day performance is monitored through the despatch memo generated of cargo dispatched., under performing trucks are immediately noticed same day.

School & College : We have made and run one school which has about 1200 student . The school is not in our mining area but it is in the same province as our mines.It imparts education from 1st to tenth standard and is affiliated to central board. Our college is again in same district and it is the only women college. It imparts education in arts from the 13th to the 15th standard. It has various streams to pursue .It is only for women and has about 1500 women.